Banks and financial institutions

CRIF Credit Framework

​Information, know-how, insight & technology to achieve sound & optimized decision-making and compliant processes in every phase of the credit life cycle.

CRIF for Banks and Financial Institutions

CRIF solutions integrate credit and business information, decision-support models, outsourcing, software and consultancy services which allows the direction of strategic development to be defined, the market share to be improved, credit risk reduction and management of the business in a more effective way, while reducing costs.

Discover the best solutions for your needs:

Credit Information Reporting

The credit report is a global standard tool used for assessing credit worthiness and associated risk of default, which is frequently used by credit granting institutions in the banking and non-banking sectors

Credit Management Solutions

From credit underwriting to ongoing credit line management and marketing campaigns and collection strategies, CRIF solution covers all aspects of the decision management process

ID Assure - Verification Services

Effective verification solutions help to prevent fraud and comply with anti-money laundering regulations, accurately check the identity of an individual as well as the provenance and the identity of a vehicle through official datasources