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Credit Information Reporting

The credit report is a global standard tool used for assessing credit worthiness and associated risk of default, which is frequently used by credit granting institutions in the banking and non-banking sectors

Credit Management Solutions

From credit underwriting to ongoing credit line management and marketing campaigns and collection strategies, CRIF solution covers all aspects of the decision management process

ID Assure - Verification Services

Effective verification solutions help to prevent fraud and comply with anti-money laundering regulations, accurately check the identity of an individual as well as the provenance and the identity of a vehicle through official datasources

Credit Information Reporting

Credit Bureau

As a standard, the credit report contains both positive and negative credit information on individuals and businesses, and has proven to be beneficial to both credit applicants and credit granting institutions.

Credit Bureau Score

The Credit Bureau Score maximizes the value of information contained in the credit bureau by utilizing the predictive nature of a diverse set of variables.

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Credit Management Solutions


 A one stop platform to access CRIF Information Services

Strategy One

CRIF’s business user-friendly decision management solution for automating decisions that leverage data & analytics.

Credit Flow

End-to-end, configurable and agile credit process management with CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM) from CRIF.

SOL Monitoring

 CRIF service is used for processing, implementation and calculation of portfolio monitoring and management strategies. 

Scoring Models

CRIF's predictive analytics tools and software generate hundreds of millions of score calculations and risk decisions every year around the world.


Tool for the development, management and implementation of scoring characterisitcs without the need for programming assistance.


Identify new opportunities for improvement with our complete, configurable business intelligence software for StrategyOne users.

CLever: Debt Collection & Recovery

CLever provides complete and streamlined management of the collection process, from early collection through late collection and recovery..

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ID Assure - Verification Services

TRN Check for Individual and Business Entities

This service is offered for the verification of the Tax Registration Numbers assigned to every Jamaican (now) from birth. Individuals wishing to work and conduct official business in Jamaica must have a TRN, these are registered at the Tax Administration office Jamaica

Motor Vehicle Validation

This service is offered for the validation of the vehicle information registered at TAJ, inclusive of vehicle Chassis #, registration plate insurance and lien information.

Driving License Provision with picture

Verification of the picture being presented and the details contained in the license.

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