Identify new opportunities for improvement with our complete, configurable business intelligence software for StrategyOne users.

Business Intelligence and Reporting software

Being “in-the-know” is more essential than ever in today’s dynamic and challenging environment for financial institutions and credit organizations.
Customer, risk and business knowledge is available at your fingertips with CreditBility, CRIF’s business intelligence software that comes with flexible and easy-to-use reporting and analysis capabilities enabling you to find opportunities, act fast and always be one step ahead.

CreditBility enables you to monitor and analyze using pre-defined reports, to uncover risk and opportunities 'buried' in data. CreditBility has a complete set of flexible tools to meet the business intelligence needs of CRIF StrategyOne users for monitoring, measuring and improving operational, business and portfolio performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Adapt with speed and agility to process and reporting changes driven by ever-changing business, customer and compliance requirements using easy-to-use data extraction and report browsing tools, designed for business users;
  • Optimise your performance to be aligned with business goals through flexible reporting and robust OLAP analysis features delivered via pre-defined reports;
  • Control by having visibility to monitor all aspects of your strategy execution activities;
  • Access to CRIF professionals who can help you realize all these benefits through consulting, setup, training, configuration and on-going support.