CRIF Jamaica and Infocert partner to revolutionize customer interaction for financial institutions

CRIF Jamaica and InfoCert partner to revolutionize customer interaction for financial institutions

  • CRIF Jamaica and InfoCert have joined forces to introduce a cutting-edge platform that promises to reshape the landscape of customer interaction for financial institutions.
  • An Innovative solution to streamline interactions between Credit Information providers and their customers
  • Enhanced convenience, reduced paperwork, and improved customer service thanks to Remote Collaboration Platform


Kingston, December 2023

In a time when efficiency and convenience are paramount, financial institutions wish to provide consumers with a streamlined and customer-centric experience. The innovation has been made possible by a new partnership between CRIF Jamaica, the leading provider of credit information, and InfoCert, a leading company in Qualified Trusted Solutions.

Through the embedded finance partnership, the CRIF Remote Collaboration platform will be fully integrated with the identification tools of InfoCert and CRIF Jamaica, allowing credit information providers to streamline their interactions with their customers and eliminating the need for them to physically visit the institutions' offices.

A Fully integrated service that goes beyond real-time, remote interactions enabling the sharing of application forms and loan agreements during the meeting, thereby eliminating the need for tedious document exchange. However, the true game-changer is the capability to virtually sign these documents during the meeting. This not only increases productivity but also reduces paper usage, making the process more environmentally friendly.

A cutting-edge solution that serves as a flexible tool for technical support and general customer interaction. Whether consumers require assistance with a specific financial question or need assistance navigating the complexities of their accounts, this platform will ensure that assistance is only a virtual meeting away.

Robert Gordon, General Manager of CRIF Jamaica, states, “In today's fast-paced digital world, consumer expectations are evolving rapidly, and businesses are continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance their customer experiences. Thanks to our partnership with InfoCert, we have taken a significant step towards achieving this goal. This strategic collaboration opens doors to a new era of streamlined customer interactions, offering numerous benefits to consumers in Jamaica and beyond.”

Michele Lavizzari, Chief International Development Officer at InfoCert, adds, “This collaboration builds on the success of our previous partnership with CRIF, which has already yielded positive results in Italy and the EU. The combination of InfoCert's global expertise in remote onboarding and digital signatures, together with CRIF Jamaica's proficiency in credit information, paves the way for an innovative end-to-end solution for remotely selling financial products. Partnering with CRIF Jamaica allows us to extend our solutions to the Caribbean region, and we're excited about this expansion.”

The new partnership builds on CRIF Jamaica and InfoCert’s shared goals of supporting Jamaican businesses during their consumers’ onboarding journeys.

To experience the future of customer interaction, visit https://infocert.digital/ and explore the possibilities that this partnership brings.