CRIF's point of view in three internationally distributed specialist magazines - 1st Issue in Global Trade Review

From ESG, Open Banking and Open Finance, to the digitalization of lending.

You’ll find this and much more in the 6 advertorials edited by CRIF that will be published, between now and the end of the year, in 3 different internationally distributed specialist publications: Global Trade Review (GTR), The Banker, and Fintech Magazine.

In each of the issues, CRIF will express its point of view on topical and interesting issues.

In the September issue of Global Trade Review, CRIF illustrates how a company can monitor the value created by ESG initiatives (in terms of funding, investors, trust, reputation and compliance) and demonstrate the extent to which Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria are relevant to its business, also defining the most suitable tools to implement ESG planning and reporting activities.

Moreover, only 56% of companies recognize their business network as an extension of their organization and this prevents them from knowing exactly what the impact on sustainability is in the different segments of their supply chain.

It is in this context that Synesgy, CRIF's global digital platform, comes into play, which supports companies from all sectors and of all sizes in assessing ESG sustainability within the supply chain.

You can read the full article, "Sustainable supply chains: increased visibility of suppliers", via this link.