Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report

As of September 1st, 2020, we will be offering two (2) types of Free credit reports:

1. Free Credit Report (Without Score)
2. Free Credit Report (With Score: JMD $1,150 inclusive of GCT)

Feel free to contact us at customerservice.jm@crif.com or 876-906-8680 /876-618-1515 for more details.

Every Jamaican over the age of 18 is entitled to receive a FREE copy of their credit report each calendar year.

What do you need in order to get your credit report?
You are required to complete a Consumer Credit Report Request form. Along with the same form you will be required to submit the following documents:
1. Your TRN and a valid government issued photo ID (e.g.…*Driver’s License, Passport, Voter’s Registration Card) or a valid Driver’s License
2. In the event that you do not have a valid ID we will accept a passport size picture certified by an approved official (e.g.…*Justice of the Peace, Pastor, Medical Practitioner, Attorney-at-Law, Superintendent of Police or Bank Manager).
3. Proof of address (e.g.…*Recent utility bill or bank statement in your name; or proof of address form/letter signed by one of the approved official listed above)..
To know our opening and closing hours, please refer to the 'Contact Us' page.

For consumers who live outside of Kingston, or wish to send the required documents listed above via email, we request that you send us the certified copy to our customer service email. For the details, please refer to 'Contact Us' page.
Take advantage of our new “Online Processing” by submit your Consumer Credit Report Request Form along with the necessary identification documents and get your FREE credit report TODAY!

Click here to access the Credit Report Application Processing Guidelines

Click here to access the Credit Report Application Form

Click here to access the Consumer Dispute Resolution Request Form

Click here to access a sample of our Consumer Credit Report

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